On the Shores of Eternity

Composed in 2017, On the Shores of Eternity is a continuation of the experimental symbiosis between saxophone and theremin pioneered in Through the Ethereal Gate. In order to make the soundscape happen, the theremin sound signal is modified by five effect pedals used in various configurations.

Tango à trois

Premiered in 2006 at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival and subsequently published by Parisian editor Gérard Billaudot, Tango à trois has been played around the world. This accessible yet challenging piece is inspired by the concert tangos of Astor Piazzolla. Victor Herbiet spiced up the idiomatic tango style with some twelve-tone rows and intricate interplay between the violin and saxophone lines.

Sirenum scopuli

Commissioned by Netherlands theremin virtuoso Thorwald Jorgensen, Sirenum Scopuli is the first movement of a suite for theremin and harp titled Fabulosae Creaturae. This piece tells the story of sailors who upon hearing a mysterious song from afar set sail at full speed towards the island of sirens...

Sonata for alto saxophone and piano

Premiered at the University of Ottawa in 2003 by the composer and pianist Jean Desmarais, this challenging work in three movements uses the idioms of twelve tone music as well as French Impressionism. It is available for purchase from the Canadian Music Centre.

Through the Ethereal Gate

Through the Ethereal Gate was premiered in 2015 at the Music and Beyond Festival in Ottawa. This original composition for solo saxophonist-thereminist uses a pitch-only theremin rotated 90 degrees which the saxophonist can activate while playing.
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